1978 Pontiac Trans Am Y88 Gold Special Edition Is a Rare Gem Seeking a New Home – autoevolution

The popularity of the Trans Am was already on the rise in the late ‘70s, so Pontiac decided to increase the consumer appeal of the car with another special edition in 1978.

The Y88 Gold Special Edition was a one-year Trans Am painted in Solar Gold and came with several exclusive options, including a gold headlight opening trim and a special hood decal, all as part of a $1,259 package.

Needless to say, given it was exclusive to 1978, the Y88 is pretty difficult to find today, especially because Pontiac ended up building only a little over 8,650 units. Few are still around today, and even fewer come in a condition that makes a restoration process doable.

The Y88 that someone has recently listed for auction on eBay seems to be one of the models that could still get a second chance with the right restoration job.

It’s pretty clear this is a project car in all regards, but on the other hand, to better determine its condition, you should head over to Bloomington, Indiana, where it’s currently parked.

The photos in the gallery show the obvious rust issues that you’d expect on a car this old. eBay seller whitetransam99 says the Trans Am is very complete, and the only missing parts are the original carburetor and the breather assembly.

The 400 engine under the hood (paired with an automatic transmission) turns over, and we’re told a previous owner actually got it up and running. This means whoever buys this car should be able to fix the engine as well, though once again, this can only be determined more accurately with an in-person inspection.

The bidding is underway as we speak, and the top offer already exceeds $4,000. However, the reserve is yet to be triggered. We have no idea how high the bidding must go to unlock it, but the seller has enabled a BIN price of $11,500.