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And however big or small your home, you’ll be glad to know that it won’t be you cleaning out the gutters. Not having to spend time on maintenance is a big part of the appeal of Aveo village life.

“People find they have so much more spare time to do the things they want to do … they can just sit back and enjoy it,” Graham says.

You can even stroll through manicured community gardens every day – without having to do any of the manicuring. “Though if you’re a gardener and you still want to look after your garden, you can.”

Vibrant communities

Every Aveo community offers a wide range of social activities*. Whether you want to learn archery, join a fundraising team, or just enjoy happy hour, there’s plenty to get involved with.

People often find they become much more sociable when they move to a retirement village and are surrounded by like-minded people in a comfortable environment.

“You don’t have to travel, you know the people, and it’s in a safe atmosphere,” Graham says. “It makes it easy to participate.”

Aveo’s communities provide a wide range of social activities and events for residents.

Aveo’s communities provide a wide range of social activities and events for residents. Credit:Getty

Having said that, if the list of social happenings looks daunting, don’t worry: they’re not mandatory.

“You can do as much or as little as you want.”

Simpler contracts and flexible payment options

In the past, retirement village payment options have been limited, to say the least. But Aveo has developed three new types of payment options: you can defer your management fee until when you leave the village (the traditional model), you can choose a discounted management fee option (by paying up front), or a no-management fee option (by paying a refundable premium entry payment and a non-refundable establishment fee on entry**).

Aveo also offers a money-back guarantee if you change your mind in the first six months, and a guaranteed repayment time frame when you leave the village***.

And it is turning the famously convoluted retirement village contract into something a bit more straightforward. “We have done a lot of work to simplify our contracts so that they’re easier to understand,” Graham says.

Supportive staff

Having friendly faces working in a retirement village can make a big difference to your quality of life.

Aveo staff are on hand help with everything from home maintenance to social activities. Chefs produce high-quality food in restaurants and dining rooms, and assistance is available to help if you need it, such as a lift to the local shops from the village bus.

Should you need extra support as you age, most Aveo communities also offer personalised home care services.

Safety and security

A retirement village can feel like a safe haven from the outside world. Aveo communities have a range of different security measures from CCTV to overnight security patrols, and homes have 24-hour emergency call systems.

But an equally important part of feeling safe is being part of a tight-knit community.

“It’s the security of knowing your neighbours, and knowing they are going to look out for you,” Graham says.

*Facilities and activities differ between communities.

**Please refer to the contract for the full terms and conditions. Availability of payment options will depend on the type of community and home you choose and may change without notice.

***Please see the full terms and conditions of your contract in relation to the money back guarantee.