5 Ways Kindness Can Boost Sales – ThinkAdvisor

The unexpected reward: The advisor asked: “Why did you choose me?” The fellow explained the advisor stayed on the radar, tactfully keeping his name in front of the decision makers. “When it was time to make a decision, you were the obvious choice.”

3. The Terminally Ill Friend

You’ve heard “Out of sight, out of mind.” When someone has a severe setback and drops out of sight, many friends lose touch. It might not be intentional, but they are no longer on the radar. That’s not you. Why? Because you send notes. You visit. When the spouse becomes the caregiver, you offer to do their grocery shopping. You suggest they take an afternoon off while you visit and read to the patient.

The unexpected reward: Business was never discussed. When the time comes, it’s pretty obvious who will be asked how to reinvest the life insurance proceeds and address other money in motion.

4. The Visible Volunteer

I’ve been a lector (reader) at Church for years. It’s a great way to give back. Over time, everyone who attends services seemed to know you. By asking around, they figure out what you do.

The unexpected reward: While I was pouring drinks at a charity event, a fellow introduced himself, explained he attended the same Mass at the same Church and also recognized me from two other organizations. “We should get to know each other.” The fellow was a major philanthropist.

5. Free advice for Relatives

You might have extended family members who are hopeless at managing their finances. Another family member asks if you can help. They don’t have the assets that would put them into your prospect pool. You give them free financial planning advice anyway. You follow up if necessary.

The unexpected reward: Other family members might be described as influencers. They may not have much money, but they advise their wealthy parents or grandparents how to invest their savings to provide additional income in retirement. Because you did a great job for that other family member, they bring you in to advise on reinvesting the proceeds when their grandparent’s CDs come due.

In all these cases, you were ready to help regardless of reward. Because you gave of yourself, other people noticed. Business can come from unexpected directions.

(Image: Lightfield Studios)