87-year-old husband won’t be prosecuted for visiting wife at assisted living facility – Villages-News

Horace Sherrwood Harper
Horace Sherrwood Harper

An 87-year-old husband will not be prosecuted for paying an unwelcome visit to his wife at a local assisted living facility.

Horace Sherrwood Harper of Clermont was arrested Dec. 7 on a charge of trespassing after he was spotted sitting at a table talking to his wife who was in a wheelchair at Village Veranda Assisted Living and Memory Care in Lady Lake, according to an arrest report from the Lady Lake Police Department.

The previous night, Harper had been warned by police to stop “sneaking” into the facility to visit his wife. He was formally trespassed from the facility.

The prosecutor’s office has announced that no information will be filed in the case, likely because the jury would view Harper as a sympathetic figure.

“The chance of a conviction at trial is slight despite the evidence available,” said State Attorney William Gladson.

In 2020, Harper and his wife had been sued by their property owners’ association for unpaid assessments at the home they have owned since 2006. The case against the Harpers was later dismissed.