Against this level of development in Pass area – Banning Record Gazette

I am against this level of development in our area. We retired here because it was not a populated or congested as Corona or Costa Mesa where we left for such reasons. We planned to spend our retirement in this small, friendly community.

The past couple of years, the traffic has become horrible. We have been concerned about the building of more and more houses. Already Highland Springs – the main thoroughfare — has become dangerous and difficult to navigate. People run the lights due to long waits and impatience and the roads were not meant for so much traffic. There is not even enough room for the cars waiting patiently at the lights to be able to move even when the light turns green.

Now they are proposing a huge trucking facility in Banning! There would be no room for any traffic movement at all. Currently, emergency vehicles already have difficulty getting through – and they have lights and sirens!

Please. Don’t look at greed and development. Look at what is best for our small retirement community. Look at what is practical for the infrastructure we have, and how many years it would take to make any accommodations or improvements. Please, save our retirement communities and the lifestyle we all moved here to live.

It is already very difficult to drive in the Highland Springs area and the 10 freeway. The 10 freeway is already the main transportation artery across the entire country for trucks. The truck weigh stations cannot handle the trucks we currently have. So many are able to skip any inspection due to overcrowding and long lines.

What is quality of life worth? What is safety and ability to manage traffic worth?

Please. Do what you can to stop this horrific proposed project.


Sandra Butler-Roberts, Beaumont