Ariana Grande on the silver screen | shots – Shots

Depicted spiraling through her dreams writhing in molten silver, Grande’s film, Chapter 1: Ultraviolet, is a craft masterpiece. 

Post house Wash worked closely with director Ruth Hogben and production company Group Thrpy in the grade to achieve a captivating, silver and metallic look that was in harmony with the other-worldly, retro spacey sci-fi concept of the piece. 

Colourist Caroline Morin said of the project: “When I first saw an early edit, I couldn’t help but let out an excited scream. The concept and direction Ruth and Ariana took was so unique for a beauty brand launch, full of atmosphere and dreamy VFX, so I immediately knew this would be something special to be involved in.

Ruth Hogben added: “The film really came to life when we started the grade process. The r.e.m. team loved the way we were able to shape the creative direction in the grade. Caroline’s refined eye played a huge part in creating such an iconic launch for r.e.m.”