Assisted living chorus brightens Worcester holiday season – Spectrum News 1

WORCESTER, Mass. – Holiday spirits are high inside the Christopher Heights Assisted Living Community in Worcester. A group of residents, in matching shirts and masks, make up a chorus.

Peggy Forget will tell you she wanted to bring music to the common room and her friends back together.

What You Need To Know

  • Christopher Heights Assisted Living Community in Worcester started a chorus

  • COVID-19 vaccinations are helping the group gather

  • Residents say they are happy to be together 

  • The group will perform for other residents for the holidays and at a Railers game in March 

“It was my idea to begin with,” Forget said. “I sang in a choir for 22 years, so I missed singing and wanted to start one here.”

And while Forget had the idea, Joyce Cheney, another member of the chorus, brought her organ.

“Well they conned me into it,” Cheney said.

And with some help from assistant executive director Melissa Esteves, and COVID-19 vaccinations, they’re singing Christmas carols for the first time in a while.

“I think it’s a great idea,” Forget said. “To give people something to look forward to.”

The group is practicing for a holiday show and they’re honest about their progress.

“When you do really good, it just feels really good,” chorus member Ruth Coyle said. “We do have some bad rehearsals sometimes, but I think everybody enjoys what they are doing.”

They’re also honest about what it was like being isolated at the start of the pandemic.

“It’s wonderful to see, there’s another human being on earth, it felt like there was nobody, nobody was around,” Coyle said. “So it’s wonderful now.”

And now all together, this chorus is ready to spread cheer and joy and to others.