Assisted living residents prefer presence over presents – KX NEWS

by: Lauren Davis

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This time of year many groups focus on supporting children and families, but another group that shouldn’t be forgotten during the holidays is the elderly.

Thoughtful gifts for the elderly include games, homemade items and blankets.

Edgewood Healthcare offers independent and assisted living as well as memory care services.

A staff member at the facility says the holidays are about more than just presents — residents want to spend time with their family members.

“Honestly the holidays are important for everyone,” said Hannah Candrian, an admissions and social work intern at Edgewood Minot. “Nothing is gonna make a resident here more happy than seeing a loved one. Whether that just be a hello, a Merry Christmas, or even a phone call, and the fact that we have the resources now to do that, such as a FaceTime, we are happy to make that happen for anyone.”

Edgewood is an open facility and all that’s required to visit your loved one are a mask and a temperature check.