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Jul. 19—MANSFIELD — Going through the process of finding and choosing the best possible living option for your beloved elders can be daunting and confusing, especially for those unfamiliar with the senior living industry.

Which is exactly why local entrepreneur and certified director of assisted living Doug Murphy founded Century Senior Referrals LLC — to bring clarity and insight to seniors and their families so they have all necessary information to decide on the most appropriate senior living solution.

“My services keep some of that stress and anxiety away by educating a family on the assisted- living process,” Murphy said.

” It isn’t one size fits all. You carefully have to do your homework, know who to talk to and the right questions to ask such as about the staffing ratio, whether or not they have 24-hour nursing, etc.”

Murphy, who has more than 10 years of diverse experience in the assistedliving business, is the sole proprietor of Century Senior Referrals, which he established in January. Century Senior Referrals is a senior housing and care education, consulting and marketing service.

Those looking to move an elder into senior living spaces will come across a plethora of living solutions such as independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing facilities, residential care homes, continuous care retirement communities and living options with specialized memory care.

” When I first talked to Doug, I really was quite lost. I didn’t have any idea which way to turn to find care for my mom,” said Coventry resident Dee Volkert, who used Century Senior Referrals to find a proper place for her mother with dementia.

” He very quickly put me at ease, gave me a wealth of information that I could then follow through on and be very confident that I was doing what was best for my mom,” she said.

Murphy advises and assists people, like Volkert, with finding and making a decision on senior housing and care by listening to their needs, preferences, expectations and limitations.

In turn, he provides them with objective facts about the multitudes of senior living options he has or plans to partner with throughout the state.

Essentially, Murphy gives families the resources and education needed to make confident, informed decisions on which facility or community will give their loved ones the ability to continue to live a fulfilling life.

” Ultimately, the family has to make the decision on their own,” he explained.

Best of all, his information service is completely free of charge to seniors and their families.

This is made possible because whichever senior housing community or care facility the family chooses compensates Century Senior Referrals for its services.

Additionally, Murphy will continue to give all his clients advice or just a shoulder to lean on for as long as they need.

Financial aspects also play a huge part in finding a senior-living solution and every facility or community is different in how they operate and structure their costs for care, housing and any additional services.

Murphy will walk through the pricing structure of all options he would consider recommending to the families.

An important aspect to take into consideration when choosing a senior- living option, or even just in contemplating whether someone needs to transition into senior living, is what the potential future will look like for their loved one, such as an anticipated medical issue that could require additional care requirements.

” How many people do you know right now who are stressed out because mom and dad are starting to get older and they may not need the assisted living option now, but they may real soon and you don’t want to be caught at the last minute,” Murphy said.

Murphy’s research, interviews and in-person experiences at his partnering communities allow him to educate families so they’ll use their time and money in the most efficient and effective way.

” I’m excited to help seniors, I’m passionate about helping seniors and I’m experienced in all facets of the senior living industry,” he said.

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