City of Inman looking for donations to help residents evacuated from dangerous assisted living facility – FOX Carolina

INMAN, SC (FOX Carolina) – Already the donations are flooding in for more than 30 residents of a now-shut down assisted living facility in Inman.

“These folks were met with the reality of: ‘the clothes on my back, these will not be able to go with me,’” said Inman City Administrator Joe Lanahan.

Fox Carolina’s cameras were rolling Wednesday as state and local officials evacuated elderly patients, whom they say were living in appalling conditions at the Oakridge Community Care Home on old Mill Road.

“There’s a kind of deep breath being taken by some of our folks who have seen that facility, and knowing now that they’re going to somewhere where they will be getting the proper care they should’ve been getting all this time,” Lanahan said of the situation.

He explained that local officials in the Inman area had known there may be issues at the facility–owned by 58-year-old Darryl Mast–for a while. But he says they felt they couldn’t do anything until the Attorney General’s office stepped in and made it a criminal investigation.

“I would say there was a level of disappointment that we weren’t able to get onto this earlier,” he told Fox Carolina.

That’s why Lanahan says they are mobilizing every local church, nonprofit, and individual to contribute anything from clothes, food, toiletries, and beyond.

“We have a local vendor who is going to donate the use of a U-Haul truck,” he said, “and we are going to deliver these goods out to these folks, and the places they are being moved to in Greenville and Gaffney.”

Lanahan says they hope to have all the donations in by Friday morning, and it all you need to do if you want to help is to bring items for these elderly residents to Inman City Hall.

He says that while they are relieved people have finally been moved out of Oakridge, a lot of questions on their end remain.

“The question becomes: you go to DHEC, and DSS, and the AG‘s office, and you ask, ‘what’s the food chain here? How long have these things been going on?’ and things like that,” Lanahan said.

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