Today, the brand-new Claiborne at Gulfport Highlands Senior Living and Memory Care hosted their first crawfish boil.

At the Claiborne, over 20 vendors participated, sharing senior living care information, education, financial guidance, VA aid and attendance, and much more.

The event gave seniors a chance to get familiar with staff at the facility and others there to help them when in their care. Choice Senior Care Owner Seth Jones said, “They’ve invited everybody out here so that our sponsors that are moving into the Claiborne know what kind of support staff they have, whether they need home health, home care, or hospice, or they need resources. There’s been a rehab facility out here. Whatever they need to be more comfortable at home and happy as long as they’re here with the Claiborne. That’s why they are here.”

The Claiborne is pre-leasing now, offering tours and is set to open this summer.