Dawson County Schools Superintendent announces retirement – Dawson Community News

On Nov. 16, Dawson County School Superintendent Damon Gibbs officially announced that he will be retiring in the spring of 2022, according to a release by the Dawson County School System. 

According to the release, Gibbs will be retiring at the end of the 2021-22 school year, effective May 31, 2022. Gibbs has served as superintendent for the Dawson County School System for eight years, before which he worked for the Hall County School System. 

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with our 1Dawson team to achieve advances in our operational and instructional practices that have been recognized statewide,” Gibbs said in the release. “Together, we have been able to accomplish so much during some very difficult times.” 

In the release, Gibbs said that the challenges presented to the school system by the COVID-19 pandemic showed how well the entire school system team and the community can pull together. Because of this, he said that he is sure that the school system will continue to thrive after he retires. 

“While it was not always easy, it was the collective commitment to the children of Dawson County that allowed us to achieve great progress,” Gibbs said in the release. “I am confident that, because of the systems and supports that have been established, the student focused work of the district will continue after my departure.” 

The release said that, between now and May, Gibbs will complete his service as superintendent by helping to make his transition out as seamless as possible. 

“There is still much to be done before I leave, including making sure that the district continues on its course of excellence and creating a smooth transition for my replacement,” Gibbs said in the release. “Be assured that I am committed to making this happen.” 

Gibbs told the DCN that the Board of Education will be deciding on the process of selecting a new superintendent in the following weeks, but that they should have more than enough time to find the best fit for the job. 

“I made my retirement plans known early to ensure the BOE had adequate time to find a new leader and transition them in to minimize any disruption to our schools,” Gibbs said. 

Gibbs said that his wife Stefanie Gibbs, who is also on staff in the Dawson County School System as the high school’s graduation coach, will also be retiring in May, and that they are both are planning to finish their service well before enjoying their much-deserved retirement together. 

“We have served children for nearly three decades and want to finish strong,” Gibbs told the DCN. “My main goal at this point is to continue supporting our team and ensure a smooth transition with the next superintendent.” 

Gibbs added that, after retiring, he plans to enjoy travel and golf. 

In the release, Gibbs thanked the Dawson County Board of Education for their trust and confidence in him and said that he is confident that the board members will continue to put the students first as they continue to work for the district.

“It has been my honor to serve as your school superintendent,” Gibbs said in the release. “During my time here I have built friendships that will last a lifetime. I wish each of you continued success.” 

Gibbs told the DCN that he is grateful to the community for the support they have given him over the past eight years and that he looks forward to seeing what’s next for the school system. 

“I want the Dawson community to know how grateful I am for the confidence and trust they have placed in me these past eight years,” Gibbs said. “My main goal has always been to provide a safe learning environment and continually look for ways to expand educational opportunities for our children. I look forward to all that will be accomplished in Dawson County in the coming years.”