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A sneak peek at Justice League vs. The Legion of Super-Heroes #2 finally delves into the true origins of the Gold Lantern, Kala Lour.

DC is finally delving into the secret origins of Kala Lour, better known as Gold Lantern of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

The Burbank-based publisher has revealed an official preview for Justice League vs. The Legion of Super-Heroes #2, which is set to hit comic shops this coming Tuesday, March 8 (having been delayed from its initial solicited release date of Feb. 8). The issue comes from writer Brian Michael Bendis, artist Scott Godlewski, colorist Ryan Cody and letterer Dave Sharpe. It features a main cover by Godlewski and Cody and a variant cover by Travis Moore and Cody.

Created by Bendis, Gold Lantern first appeared in 2019’s Superman #14, which served as a prelude to Bendis’ two-part limited series Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium and, by extension, Bendis and artist Ryan Sook’s 12-part Legion of Super-Heroes relaunch. Little was known about Gold Lantern’s origins until 2020’s Legion of Super-Heroes #10, which revealed that his real name is Kala Lour and that he was a schoolteacher before being given a gold power ring by the Elders of Oa — the apparent successors to the Guardians of the Universe, leaders of the Green Lantern Corps.

However, in 2021’s Legion of Super-Heroes #12, Brainiac 5 came to the conclusion that Kala’s ring was not a Green Lantern ring at all, nor were those who gave it to him actually the Elders of Oa. At any rate, DC Festival of Heroes: The Asian Superhero Celebration #1 later confirmed that the Kala Lour was of Filipino heritage and that he was indeed blind, having sported a blindfold before donning an opaque eye mask as the Gold Lantern.

Per Justice League vs. The Legion of Super-Heroes #2, however, Kala actually hails from a planet where 50 percent of the population lacks “visual sight.” (He is also not seen wearing a blindfold of any sort.) After saving a group of his students from a burning building, Kala is approached by Gdon, a messenger for the “Elders of Oa,” who tells him the story of the Green Lantern Corps. Gdon then gives Kala his Gold Lantern Ring, saying, “The new elders believe the time has come again.”


  • Art and cover by SCOTT GODLEWSKI
  • Variant cover by TRAVIS MOORE
  • $3.99 US | 32 pages | 2 of 6 | $4 .99 US Variant (Card Stock)
  • ON SALE 2/8/22
  • “The Gold Lantern Saga” part two! Who is the Gold Lantern? And what does his power source have to do with the Great Darkness? Is the Gold Lantern everything it promises to be? The Justice League and Legion of Super-Heroes team up and travel to each other’s time periods to unravel the mysteries that have led them to the precipice of this Great Darkness.

Written by Brian Michael Bendis, illustrated by Scott Godlewski, colored by Ryan Cody and lettered by Dave Sharpe, Justice League vs. The Legion of Super-Heroes #2 goes on sale March 8 from DC.

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