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When it comes to adventures in fantasy realms, there’s a lot to consider. You can spend a lot of time trying to craft the perfect character for battling, talking, investigating, or more in hopes of finding the best route for your play style. However, no matter what you decide to go with, you’ll always need gold.

There’s a fair amount of loot to be found in Divinity: Original Sin 2 while monster-slaying and looting random treasure chests, but RNG can work against you by giving you stuff you don’t want or already have. That’s why having the necessary gold gives you far more options in terms of getting items and gear.

Tips For Gold Farming

The Player Party Near Town

You’ll naturally acquire gold simply by adventuring and completing quests, but you’ll soon learn that it’s quite easy to burn through your pockets when you want stuff. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to get rich quickly.

Become A Charismatic Thief

This involves tailoring your character so that they have high scores in stats that allow them to sneak, pickpocket, and pick locks. By pouring points into those, it becomes trivial to go around stealing from everyone you encounter. Many people will have some gold on them but even more, will have items.

As such, it’s also wise to invest in the Bartering ability so that you can sell everything you loot to a merchant for an increased price. Then, to top it all off, steal from the merchant and repeat the cycle.

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Invest In Lucky Charm

When it comes to looting, every bit of luck is highly valued. As with other RPGs, Luck is an important factor that can give you an edge over RNG. Divinity Original Sin 2 lets you take the Luck into your own hands with one of its Civil Abilities known as Lucky Charm.

Simply put, this ability raises your chances of looting more treasure whenever you loot a stash. Its activation is signaled by a notable sound and an image of a four-leaf clover appearing on your screen. Putting more levels into it will improve the quality of items you find which you can sell for more gold.

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Reserve Your Inventory for High-Value Loot

As RPGs have taught players, it’s important to grab anything that isn’t nailed down because you might need it later, or you can sell it for some quick cash. There’s a lot in Divinity Original Sin 2, but you only have so much inventory space and so you should use it wisely. Of all the loot that can net you a lot of gold, you should focus on gathering silverware, paintings, useless equipment, and Skill books.

Materials And Grenades

Crafting has become a staple in RPGs, so you’ll frequently be weighed down with a bunch of materials that are just waiting to be turned into something. Since materials are everywhere, you can earn small but fast amounts of gold by continuously selling them. However, there’s one type of crafted item that can yield some high profits and that’s grenades.

Containing two ingredients, involving an empty container and the filling, you can make grenades easily that can have values ranging from hundreds to thousands.

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