Education intervention improves UTI treatment in nursing home residents: Danish study – Clinical Daily News – McKnight’s Long Term Care News – McKnight’s Long Term Care News

A study in Denmark found that a tailored intervention to improve knowledge about urinary tract infections and clinical communication skills among nursing home staff can result in better UTI outcomes. 

The study was conducted in 22 participating nursing homes in Denmark. Those studied were nursing home residents aged 65 years and up who lived in a living space meant for those with dementia or somatic healthcare needs. Nursing homes not participating in other UTI projects, as well as where staff were present at all hours, were part of the study as well.

Facilities either received interactive educational sessions and use of a dialogue tool, or continued standard practice. The intervention entailed 75-minute sessions over eight weeks to teach staff how to tell UTI and asymptomatic bacterium apart as well as evaluate non-specific symptoms, and use of a dialogue tool. 

The study concluded that intervention effectively reduced both antibiotic prescriptions and inappropriate UTI treatments, while also not substantially influencing all-cause hospitalizations and mortality.


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