Elara Caring’s BRAVE Clinical Program Will Provide Veterans with In-Home Treatment and Support for a Successful Transition to Civilian Life

DALLAS, May 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Elara Caring, one of the nation’s leading providers of home health care services, today announced, ahead of the Memorial Day holiday, the launch of the BRAVE (Believe, Resilience, Adjust, Validate, and Empower) Clinical Program to expand in-home services for veterans. 

Elara Caring has developed an in-home treatment program to identify and support veterans’ understanding of PTSD and its impact on physical reactions, emotions, and perceptions. As veterans are two times as likely to be diagnosed and struggle with PTSD and trauma compared to the U.S. population, the need for expansive veteran care is critical to save lives. The clinical model uses an interventional framework that focuses on early identification of co-occurring conditions, screening for need and connectivity to the “wrap around” services required to address social determinant issues and additional treatment of the beneficiary’s comorbid physical and mental health diagnosis.

The BRAVE program’s mission is to explore how “battlefield skills” developed in combat for survival can influence Veterans’ adjustment to home life, identify and promote avenues of healing, and improve the connection to treatment and medication adherence. 

“On Memorial Day, as we honor and mourn those who have died during their military service, we must also prioritize care for our veterans. Elara is committed to providing the best quality of care to Veterans and championing new programs to meet their needs, especially as the demand for innovative in-home care services continues to grow. As a leader in home-based care, we are uniquely positioned to support Veterans with accommodating treatment,” said Joseph Cramer, President of Behavioral Services at Elara Caring. “We are eager to launch the BRAVE Clinical Program and expand our partnerships with veteran organizations to ensure we are helping as many individuals as possible with their journey to adjust to civilian life. We have a deep respect for our veterans and are dedicated to providing them the right care, at the right time, in the right place.”

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Elara Caring (www.elara.com) is one of the nation’s largest providers of home-based care, with a footprint in the Northeast, Midwest and South. Elara brings together three award-winning organizations — Great Lakes Caring, National Home Health Care, and Jordan Health Services — into one transformational company, which provides the highest-quality comprehensive care continuum of personal care, skilled home health, hospice care and behavioral health. The company, comprised of 35,000 caregivers serving over 60,000 patients and their families daily, in 225 locations across 16 states, is focused on providing patients with the “right care, at the right time, in the right place.”

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