Eliza Bryant Village nursing home facility will close after more than 126 years – Cleveland 19 News

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – An iconic nursing home will close its doors, after serving the Cleveland community for more than a century.

After more than 126 years in business, the Eliza Bryant Village nursing home will close for good on June 8th, 2022. The board of trustees says the pandemic, skyrocketing operating costs, and inadequate Medicaid reimbursements definitely played a role in their decision. Danielle Sydnor is with the board of trustees, “Anytime you’re dealing with the lives of people who have entrusted you with their loved ones and their care it is a very difficult decision for the board to get to the place where we knew that we had to make this decision.”

Sydnor says it’s heartbreaking, but the Eliza Bryant Village Nursing home is no longer sustainable, “This is a home away from home for not only our residents, but our staff as well, so it’s a sad day for the board, a sad day for the neighborhood.”

There are currently on 73 residents at the Wade Park facility and 99 staff members, all who hopefully will be relocated to new homes and new jobs with the administration’s help. But it seems closing was inevitable, “Taking care of seniors is a very expensive business, and when we think about how most facilities provide that care it is reimbursement from Medicaid and Medicare.”

According to the facilities President and CEO, the Eliza Bryant Village nursing home is losing about $100 per day, per patient due to what they term inadequate Medicaid reimbursement. Their occupants are traditionally the poorest of the poor with families who can’t afford to pay anything out of pocket.

Operating costs have also escalated, and staffing shortages have been compounded by the pandemic, “So, the challenges with staffing, there was a nursing shortage in Ohio before the pandemic. Then there’s the concern that seniors have had about being in long-term care facilities for a long time,” Sydnor said.

The Cleveland area nursing home has also reached its lowest point in terms of the number of people they care for, in part because during the pandemic many families also decided to care for their elderly loved ones at home.

“We hope that we can partner with the community to continue to provide ways to take care of seniors in their homes because we don’t want this 126-year legacy to totally disappear,” Sydnor said.

19 News has learned that according to the website Leadingage.org, more than 500 nursing homes have closed in the last four years nationwide. Since the pandemic it’s predicted about 1600 nursing facilities nationwide could close for the same reasons as Eliza Bryant Village.

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