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Jan 23, 2022, 23:30 ET

LONDON, Jan. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Finvault Exchange OÜ, the highly anticipated fintech, which is licensed and regulated by the Estonian FIU as a licensed crypto exchange is reshaping the way people and businesses save, invest, send and spend their money and digital wealth and has now officially opened its waiting list to customers. Users will initially benefit from high returns of up to 5% Annual Percentage Yield (APY), followed by a suite of industry leading features that will help them get more from their money, all powered by Decentralised Finance (DeFi).

Until now, signing up to Finvault’s waiting list has been available through invite only but now everyone can register ahead of the soft launch in February. The first feature to be unlocked next month will allow users to start earning up to 5% APY on their savings.

Finvault is unlike other fintech’s on the market as it is committed to getting the best financial outcomes for its customers, through the power of DeFi and being based on blockchain technology. Although people want the benefits and security that blockchain offers, until now many have not felt confident enough to understand or use it. Knowing that usability is key to combat this hesitancy, Finvault is demystifying DeFi and removing the steep learning curve by simplifying the user experience, creating a product that is easy, convenient and intuitive to use from the start. 

“The future of payments is instant, on the blockchain and borderless. Finvault is disrupting the traditional banking rails through DeFi and leveraging global networks using blockchain. We are excited to shake up an entire industry by being the first one-stop-shop for everything money. It’s promising to see an influx of sign ups as we continue to offer special rewards for early registrants. We are further aiming to grow our presence in Tallinn substantially to support Finvault Exchange’s operations and to contribute to the local economy through job creation and knowledge transfer,” said Punit Thakker, Co-Founder & CEO of Finvault. 

Finvault has announced that they will be rewarding one hundred users with an original Non-Fungible Token (NFT) which will be picked at random from the first 10000 sign ups. These users will be eligible for their NFT and other first mover rewards that the team is currently planning, including cash incentives once they have been actively saving on Finvault for four weeks.

To sign up, users can now join the waiting list with their email address on their smartphone or desktop via the Finvault website. When the platform launches next month, users will be notified and prompted to activate their account with either their existing email or MetaMask account, depending on which option they choose. The first option will be for users who don’t want to manage the complexity of handling crypto wallets themselves and want a streamlined ‘digital banking like’ experience. The second option will be for advanced users who are crypto enthusiasts, familiar with DeFi and want to control their own wallets and keys and interact with the Finvault DApp. They will also have access to all of the basic user features allowing them to actively manage their digital wealth and assets, all in one place and with full control. 

With many more features to be rolled out in the coming months such as a ‘Skyscanner for crypto’ allowing users to purchase the cheapest cryptocurrency by comparing prices across many venues, instant global payments, an all-in-one multi-currency card, QR payments, merchant acceptance, bill payments, mobile recharge and much more, Finvault is only at the beginning of changing how people manage their finances. 

About Finvault 

We’re building the world’s best financial platform that makes your money work for you. Finvault is a first of its kind fintech that’s giving customers and merchants full control of their money, all in one secure vault. We are not a bank, we are the new payment rails and we are on a mission to encourage mass DeFi adoption through education and our easy and convenient user experience. Whether you’re an everyday smartphone user and want to transfer, send, and spend money while saving with the highest yield at up to a 5% annual return, a crypto enthusiast who wants to manage all your digital assets in one place or a business who wants to benefit from one-of-a-kind offers for merchants such as 0% MSF (Merchant Service Fee) and high yields, you can be part of the movement. As we are backed by blockchain, we are able to provide the highest security standards on the market. Gain control, gain rewards, gain security, gain confidence – this is just the start, we would love for you to join the journey. 

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