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Fog & Silver is an upcoming historical fantasy game starring real and literary figures including Thomas Edison, Dr. Jekyll, and Mr. Hyde.

Upcoming PC game Fog & Silver, from developer Nukklear, is a fantasy-fuelled historical adventure featuring real inventors and literary icons in an Avengers-like cast of Victorian greats. This isn’t the first time that a video game has tackled the late-19th century period, with Victorian heroes like Sherlock Holmes starring in many games, though it could be one of the most memorable thanks to the many recognizable names it’s set to include.

Nukklear has previously lent its talents to the development of popular fan-favorite games including Destroy All Humans and Comanche, making them a familiar name to many players. The studio has also made waves with the recent confirmation of its work on the upcoming Dune survival video game, which is being co-developed with Funcom. Details on the upcoming project are thin on the ground, with no release date yet revealed, but players can expect to see inspiration taken from Funcom’s Conan Exiles as well as Dune.

The Steam listing for Fog & Silver is now live alongside a trailer from Nukklear Cloud, offering fans a glimpse of the brand-new IP. The game takes place in a reimagined Europe, featuring real-world inventors Nicola Tesla and Thomas Edison, as well as fictional characters including Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Its story explores the rift between highly advanced technology and dark mysterious forces, with followers of science and followers of the occult on the verge of war. Fog & Silver will feature a host of reimagined locations from across Europe, showcasing grim and historical settings.

Fog & Silver’s premise is likely to offer a lot for both history and literary buffs, combining elements of each to create an all-new fantasy adventure. The game’s wide range of European locations also aims to please, with players able to explore a shipyard in Germany, an Egyptian exposition in a Parisian museum, the Orient Express, the dungeons of the Tower of London, and more. Fog & Silver doesn’t yet have a release date, but is possibly set to be one of the video game releases of 2022.

The announcement of Fog & Silver looks promising, with its impressive Avengers-like cast of real-world and fictional heroes likely to draw in many players looking for an alternate version of their stories. Those keen to keep an eye on the project can wishlist it now. Fans of classic literature can also enjoy another book-centric adventure in 2022, with the upcoming release of John Carter Warlord of Mars, a game based on the science fantasy novel The Warlord of Mars, from author Edgar Rice Burroughs. Similar to Fog & Silver, players can expect to see the inclusion of another historical figure, with the game featuring James Bond author Ian Fleming.

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Source: Fog & Silver/Steam, NukklearCloud/YouTube

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