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Food items that are made with gold and the places they come from!Credit: iStock


Food items that are made with gold and the places they come from!

Edible gold has long been used to decorate drinks and foods. The presence of edible gold has been known since the 16th century. With time, as gold stone started to come with a high price tag, it gradually established itself as a precious metal. However, this did not deter experimental and curious chefs from using it to prepare luxurious dishes. And now, such food items with edible gold can be found in the best of high-end restaurants across the world. If you are experimental and luxurious with your food, here is a list of expensive foods that are made with real edible gold.

Dubai’s Palace CappuccinoPhoto courtesy: Twitter


Dubai’s Palace Cappuccino

The next time you are in Dubai, make sure that you try the Palace Cappuccino. This superior blend of aromatic coffee is topped with gold flakes, and comes with the price tag of AED 60 or $16, and is sold at the Emirates Palace. Served on a polished silver tray,the coffee is paired best with dark chocolate and a special date, which makes it so exclusive that you will feel like you have never tasted such a thing before.

New York’s $1000 BagelPhoto courtesy: The Westin New York at Times Square


New York’s $1000 Bagel

The Westin New York Hotel not only offers scenic views of the famous city, but also offers a $1000 bagel. Chef Frank Tujague of the hotel came up with the idea of creating an extravagant bagel, which is now called the $1000 Bagel.

The bagel is prepared with white truffle cream cheese, also known as white gold and is considered to be the world’s second most expensive food after caviar. Apart from this, the dish features goji berry that is infused with riesling jelly with golden flakes.

Manhattan’s $2000 PizzaPhoto courtesy: Twitter


Manhattan’s $2000 Pizza

The Industry Kitchen Restaurant in Manhattan sells this pizza worth $2000! What’s so special about this pizza? Well, it contains edible 24K gold strips and flakes, the reason why it comes with such a high price tag. So if you cut the pizza into eight pieces, each slice will be $250 each, or say $50 per bite. Also, the pizza not only boasts of gold flakes and strips, but also has black squid ink crust, edible flowers, foie gras and truffles from France, and Ossetra caviar.

Singaporean Yellow Gold tea budsPhoto courtesy: Facebook


Singaporean Yellow Gold tea buds

TWG’s Yellow Gold Tea Buds boasts of being the world’s most expensive tea, which is actually painted with real gold! It’s a product of the Singaporean company, TWG, and the reason why it’s so expensive is that harvesting of the Yellow Gold Tea Buds is a long process. As per the TWG tea connoisseur, the tea is harvested only one day per year, and that too on only one mountain. It’s then harvested exclusively with golden scissors and only from the top of the tree, i.e., the tea bud. Then, it is sun-dried, placed in closed containers; afterwards, the tea is painted with 24K gold flakes.

The gold in tea leaves is used not to give it a luxurious finish, but is believed to have nutritional benefits that are good for health.

Manila’s Golden sushiPhoto courtesy: Facebook


Manila’s Golden sushi

Golden sushi is considered to be one of the world’s most expensive sushi dishes, and even holds the Guinness Book of Records for that. Renowned Chef Angelito Araneta Jr, who goes by the name Karat Chef, took this sushi dish to the next level, by garnishing it with edible gold, pearls, and diamonds. He created this extravagant dish with ingredients, such as Norwegian salmon, wild saffron, foie gras, and lastly the precious gems. Instead of using seaweed to wrap the sushi, the chef uses golden leaves.