Guadeloupe vs Bahamas: LIVE Score Updates in Gold Cup Qualifying (2-0) –

6:23 PM21 minutes ago


Roen Davis also receives a yellow card.

6:22 PM22 minutes ago


Bahamas makes more changes: Nicolas Lopez and Troy Pinder come in for Wood Julmis and Ambry Moss.

6:20 PM24 minutes ago


Guadeloupe made more moves: Mickael Alphonse and Mavrick Anneronse came off and Kevin Moeson and Vikash Tille joined the team.

6:19 PM25 minutes ago


Mavrick Annerose joins the cautioned.

6:01 PM42 minutes ago


Guadeloupe made two changes: Luther Archimede and Edwing Malpon replaced Morgan Saint and Raphael Mirval.

6:01 PM43 minutes ago


 Raphael Mirval extends the lead with a great header.

6:00 PM44 minutes ago


Morgan Saint-Maximin is the first cautioned player of the match.

5:59 PMan hour ago


Matthias Phaeton scores to put his team ahead on the scoreboard.

5:58 PMan hour ago


First change for Guadeloupe: Thomas Pineau replaces Kelly Irep.

5:57 PMan hour ago


First changes for the Bahamas: Ethan Willie and Christopher Godet are substituted by Isiah Collie and Quinton Carey.

5:52 PMan hour ago

The second half begins!

Guadeloupe and Bahamas go for their pass to the next round.

5:47 PMan hour ago

The first half ends!

Guadeloupe has been to Bahamas, but so far has failed to reflect it on the scoreboard.

5:42 PMan hour ago


Two minutes of compensation are added.

5:37 PMan hour ago


Ian Lowe! Once again, the Bahamas goalkeeper saves Guadeloupe’s goal, this time after holding a shot by Matthias Phaeton.

5:32 PMan hour ago


In the last minutes, the intensity and clarity of both teams when attacking decreased.

5:27 PMan hour ago


Ian Lowe! The Bahamas goalkeeper corrects his mistake after a bad start and saves Raphael Mirval’s shot with his leg. It was a close call for Guadeloupe’s first goal.

5:22 PMan hour ago


For the moment, Guadeloupe has taken the initiative and has had most of the possession of the ball; however, so far, they have not generated real danger.

5:17 PMan hour ago


Yohann Turam! The Guadeloupe goalkeeper holds and keeps out Wood Julmis’ powerful shot with his legs.

5:12 PM2 hours ago

Game on!

Guadeloupe and Bahamas are looking to advance to the second round to maintain their hopes of qualifying for the Gold Cup.

5:07 PM2 hours ago

Bahamas: substitutes

M. Butler; E. Julmis, T. Pinder, C. Godet, D. Pritchard, N. Wells, R. Davis, N. López and E. Willie.

5:02 PM2 hours ago

Guadeloupe: substitutes

F. Tejou; K. Ajax, K. Moeson, C. Makouke, S. Casimir, E. Malpon, V. Tille, L. Archimede, D. Ramothe y S. Romage.

4:57 PM2 hours ago

Bahamas: confirmed lineup

I. Lowe; A. Moss, E. Jlmis, I. Collie (C), L. Russell, C. Hepple, M. Joseph, Q. Carey, L. Fleur, W. Julmis y T. Delancy.

4:52 PM2 hours ago

Guadeloupe: confirmed lineup

Y. Thuram; K. Irep, R. Hauterville (C), S. Solvet, A. Baron, M. Aphonse, M. Annerose, M. Saint, D. Cavare, M. Phaeton and R. Mirval.

4:47 PM2 hours ago

Tune in here Guadeloupe vs Bahamas Live Score

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How to watch Guadeloupe vs Bahamas Live Stream on TV and Online?

4:37 PM2 hours ago

Guadeloupe: last lineup

B. Gedeon, C. Dilo, J. Cordoval, Q. Nathanael, K. Irep, R. Mirval, G. Durbant, V. Oyane, D. Ramothe, R. Daniel and M. Tacalfred.

4:32 PM2 hours ago

Bahamas: last lineup

T. Delancy, M. Joseph, Q. Carey, L. Freur, I. Lowe, E. Julmis, R. Davis, L. Russell, N. Lopez, T. Pinder and D. Pritchard.

4:27 PM2 hours ago

How did the Bahamas qualify for this phase?

The Bahamas was also the leader in League C, but in Group B, in which it competed with Bonaire and the British Virgin Islands, with 10 points, the result of three wins and a draw.

4:22 PM2 hours ago

How did Guadeloupe get to this round?

The Guadeloupe national team topped Group D of League C with 12 points, winning its four matches against Turks and Caicos Islands and Sint Maarten.

4:17 PM2 hours ago

Guadeloupe and Bahamas to advance to the next stage

4:12 PM3 hours ago

What is the format for the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup Qualifying?

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