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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – A Highland Park High School student got accepted into Howard University. However, the road to get there can be financially challenging.

A Highland Park teacher wanted to help De’Avion Emerson pursue her dream.

“I started screaming, mom I’m going to Howard, I’m going to Howard,” De’Avion expressed after she found out she was accepted into Howard University. “I chose Howard because it’s HBCU and I feel like that a lot of powerful and empowered people come from Howard or they go to Howard and they just expand.”

“We’re just trying to see like what we actually need to do to be able to get her there it is a lot of money and we have some, but not all,” De’Avion’s mother, Chantel Emerson added.

Michael Kates who is a teacher at Highland Park High School wanted to ensure money didn’t keep De’Avion from her goals.

Mr. Kates held a meet and greet event in May for the community to meet Da’Avion and express her efforts with needing help attending Howard University.

“So, understanding that this is a dream of hers. This is something she’s been really working towards for the last 12 years or so it’s important for the community to get behind a student that has so much potential,” Kates emphasized.

De’Avion graduated from Highland Park High School with a 4.0 GPA and is the class of 2021′s Salutatorian.

“What really struck me with her was that she was very dedicated to not just getting an A,” Kates explained. “That intrinsic motivation that she really wanted to be the best student possible and she would ask me questions if she would sometimes challenge answers, and we would have a really good conversation on you know the founding of our country, African American history.”

De’Avion says she had personal struggles in high school and wants to become a Behavioral Scientist to help others with their mental health.

“High school was a lot. I always felt like I had to be like number one if I didn’t number one then I wasn’t good enough,” De’Avion emphasized. “I tried to kill myself. Even though I’m over it and I’ve learned from it, and I’m a better person than what i was before.”

“Her inside of her was like a ghost but she still kept up with her schoolwork. She still careful going to work, she still kept up with her siblings, and everything even though she was completely broken. So I’m proud of you,” Chantel emphasized.

“By becoming a behavioral scientist I can learn why our minds do the things that we do, Learning more about different mental health issues I can be,” De’Avion explained. “Not only my story but once I master the whole thing then I could really help people. I can help people when they feel like they’re on the end like, I was I can talk them down from being on the end.”

Through it all, Kates says De’Avion is stronger and ready to take on the future.

“She’s that type of student that will actually go back and help, and she’s that type of student that will go back, and who will really help educate other students and really lift people up,” Kates said. “How many times do we see a young African-American girl and I went on a really point out a young african-american lady who’s done well in her academic studies and is really willing to make that next step and it’s important that we get behind this young lady because she’s worth it and she’s worth the investment.”

The family is asking to send all donations directly to Howard University.

Here’s how to donate: How to Make Payments | Howard University

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