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AEW has become a promotion where anyone can break out in the right situations. Major names like Jon Moxley, Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho are always involved in an upper card picture, but not everyone gets over with that much of a platform. John Silver joined AEW with Alex Reynolds as the latest recruits of the Dark Order, but he was expected to have a secondary role.

A combination of hilarious segments on the Being the Elite YouTube series and impressive performances in the ring made him a cult fan favorite. Silver now gets among the biggest ovations on the show with a fan base behind him. Unsung heroes like SIlver getting love on the same show with names like Bryan Danielson and CM Punk is how to make a wrestler matter. The biggest success story of AEW is that wrestlers like Silver can break out without a huge push planned.

John Silver Had An Underappreciated Indie Run

The wrestling career of John Silver was already going for almost a decade before getting his first major opportunity in AEW. Silver had spent most of his career teaming with Alex Reynolds in the Beaver Boys tag team before bringing the act to AEW. One of the main promotions for Silver was CZW with consistent appearances for many years getting over with that crowd.

The biggest accolade of Silver and Reynolds together was winning the PWG Tag Team Championship in a one-night tournament that saw them losing it minutes later. PWG wouldn’t continue booking them in the long run leading to Silver trying to find new ways to break out. Appearances as an extra in WWE were the biggest things to come for Silver for years.

John Silver

Silver even filmed an audition video for the 2015 season of the Tough Enough reality show. WWE didn’t end up picking him and he continued to try to improve his stock. AEW initially brought in Silver and Reynolds for enhancement matches, but they impressed enough in losing efforts to get a contract offer.

Breaking Out On Being The Elite

The Young Bucks are the main minds behind the Being the Elite YouTube sketch show that dramatically helped the careers of Cody Rhodes, Adam Page, SCU and many other talents. No one expected John Silver of all people to break out on the series, but it ended up changing his career as well. Silver and Alex Reynolds joining Dark Order gave them a vision after getting their contracts with AEW.

Brodie Lee becoming the leader of Dark Order saved them and led to the entire group getting comedic segments together on Being the Elite. Silver became the most entertaining personality due to his natural reactions to Lee making fun of him. The bits of Silver always screwing up when trying to impress Mr. Brodie Lee became the running gag that fans wanted.

John Silver Brodie Lee

Silver continued to get more time on the web series to showcase his comedic side. The BTE Championship featuring silly games saw Silver coming up with nicknames like The Meat Man, Mustard Boy and a few others. Silver being good at adlibbing and playing off others with natural charm helped him get over. Adam Cole is now involved in the weekly segments of Silver and Reynolds trying to win his friendship.

Getting Over On TV

Tony Khan took notice of John Silver’s work on Being the Elite and decided to give him more opportunities on television. Silver received some noteworthy singles matches without being a full-time tag wrestler anymore. Impressive outings against Orange Cassidy, Adam Page, Darby Allin and a few other bigger names showed that Silver was getting over due to his comedy, but the audience loved his in-ring work as well.

An argument can be made that Silver became the most valuable member of Dark Order after the shocking passing of Brodie Lee. Dark Order was trying to find a new groove in between the passing Lee and the alignment with Hangman Page. The overall entertainment value of Silver ensured that the audience always cared about the group, even if they didn’t have a major segment on the show.

John Silver Vs Pac

Silver has taken the ball and run with it from the opportunity to work in a bigger promotion to having the audience believe in him. The multi-man team matches of Dark Order now reach a peak when Silver runs out of the ring and destroys everyone on the other team in a fury. Silver’s journey is truly improbable and would have been a shocking turn of events not too long. Fans went from wondering why AEW signed him to chanting “Johnny Hungie” in support of the entertaining wrestler.

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