How Much Gold Is in an Olympic Gold Medal? – The New York Times

An Olympic gold medal like Petra Vlhova’s is mostly made of silver, and plated with about 6 grams of pure gold.
Credit…Doug Mills/The New York Times

Alexandra E. Petri

The medal counts are ticking up, with dozens of golds awarded so far to countries including Slovenia, New Zealand, Germany and China.

But how much is a gold medal worth?

According to the International Olympic Committee, gold medals are required to be at least 92.5 percent silver, and are plated with about 6 grams of pure gold.

A spokesman from the Beijing 2022 committee confirmed that this year’s gold medal follows those regulations. That works out to be $758 worth of gold and silver in those medals, according to Philip Newman, a founding partner and managing director of Metals Focus, a London-based research firm.

At last year’s Tokyo Games, the gold medals, which again were predominantly silver with only about 6 grams of pure gold, were worth about $800 in gold and silver.

Though the medals carry sentimental value, athletes through the years have sold their medals, citing financial hardship or to raise money for charities.