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FORT MYERS, Fla. — Research from the American Seniors Housing Associations shows, seniors can add to their longevity with quality of life, whether that’s in an assisted living facility, or in their own home.

Dee Chamberlain from Amity Home Care says, not everyone needs a licensed nurse to be their caretaker. It just depends on your needs. She says, “Typically, a companion or a homemaker don’t necessarily need to have any form of license. However, most companies prefer to teach them to be able to interact with your patient and provide them with good services. But they are not necessarily home health aides.”

Pat Sheehy, 87, moved to Southwest Florida from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, after her husband passed away a year and a half ago. Around the same time, she also had shoulder surgery. She ended up signing up with Cypress Cove’s Home Health services, which is covered by Medicare. She remembers, “People were there to help me, to provide me with medication and so on and so forth, and just to monitor my recovery.”

Louisa Cannamela, Vice President of Clinical Services for Cypress Cove, says, seniors value their independence. She add, “It is absolutely vital to all of their well-being, not only their physical, but their emotional and psychological well-being, as well. There are a lot of people that can be extended an extra 3 to 5 years in their home with just that little bit of help.”

Joyce Bailey, a working artist in her golden years, is still on the go. She depends on a home health aide a few hours a day, especially after the loss of her husband less than a year ago. She says they make her life comfortable, She says, “Between the medical plan and your life, are all these other things you have to do. There’s laundry. There’s the ironing. There’s the cleaning the refrigerator. There’s doing the dishes. There’s watering your plants. In my case, having to move the paintings, sometimes.”

Cannamela says, “Your companion care is really more of that companion. They don’t typically help you shower. That is more of that home health aide that learns transfer techniques, safety techniques.”

Cypress at Home provides a suite of services and solutions that support aging in place to allow older adults to thrive in their home.

Care Management by Cypress at Home​

Aging Life Care Professionals® that are nationally certified ​and credentialed with the Aging Life Care Association™ ​to provide advanced dignified care for older adults.​

Home Care by Cypress at Home​

Team of clinical and non-clinical members that provide ​non-Medicare, private duty home care support.​

Medical Care by Cypress at Home​

Team of Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners led by a Medical Director who provide facility, in-home and virtual based care​.

Home Health by Cypress at Home​

Team of clinical professionals that provide Medicare reimbursable, short-term skilled services including nursing and therapy care.

The Agency for Health Care Association lists licensed home care companies.

You can also check Home Health Compare.

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