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When it comes to wedding anniversaries, the more years you get under your belt, the more precious the gifts become. This is due to the fact that marriages that last thing long are rare, so need to be celebrated and treasured and the silver wedding anniversary which signifies 25 years is no different. Here are the best silver wedding anniversary ideas to celebrate gorgeously.

A Silver Party

What makes anniversary celebrations good is that you can really go to town on them. You can invite your friends, family, and distant relations to celebrate with you. Why not ask them to wear an item of silver? This gets everyone involved in your special day and will make the event fun and engaging!

A Romantic Break

Nothing says romance than being whisked away on a weekend break, be it Florence, Paris or somewhere else that is known to be romantic. Why not get your other half to pick a number out of a hat. Each number can equate to a destination, this way neither of you will know where the destination is until they pick! This way, you can plan your mini-adventure together and make sure you both get to go to the sights!

Immortalise Your Date

A silver wedding anniversary is rare, being together for 25 years is uncommon in this day and age, so why not get your wedding date put on a plaque? This way you can put it wherever you like in your home, be it on an outside wall, in the kitchen or on your favourite piece of outdoor furniture. You could even take it one step further and bring a professional photographer around and get them to take a photo with you, your other half and your plaque.

Dinner and a Show

Nothing says celebration quite like dinner and a show. We all have restaurants that we want to visit, so why not ask your other half where they’ve always wanted to go. If the restaurant is city location, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a show. Why not let the person who didn’t choose the restaurant chose the show? This way the night is split between the pair of you and not only for one person.

A Second Honeymoon

If you have been married 25 years, chances are your first honeymoon may not have been exactly what you wanted, especially if you were married when you were young. With age, hopefully, comes more income, so why not treat yourself and your partner to a second honeymoon. Have you always wanted to visit Hawaii? Or somewhere equally tropical? Why not make this the time to go? Chances are your other half will also want an extended break so pack your bags and head off!

Recreate Your Wedding Vows

25 years is no mean feat when it comes to commitment and over the years you may well have forgotten some of the vows that you have made. Why not sit down together and go back over them and recreate them? Not only will this bring back wonderful memories of your special day, you can also create new vows for the next 25 years. To make it extra special, why not get your new vows printed and framed as a reminder for the next 25 years?

A Summer BBQ

If your wedding anniversary is in the summer, why not get all your friends and family around and celebrate in the garden. A barbeque is something that can be easy to organise as you can ask that everyone can bring a dish. This way, you don’t have to organise to feed the entire group that you have invited. Barbeques are a great way to celebrate, everyone enjoys being out in the sun, the children can run around the garden and there is always a surplus of food. You don’t just have to cook, if you’re in the garden you can also play games to make the entire event more fun and family-friendly and once the sun goes down and the temperature starts dropping, why not light a fire pit, wrap up in some blankets and chat the night out?

Wrap Up

When it comes to planning your silver wedding anniversary, you want to make sure that both of you are involved in the plans. This way, it makes sure that the day is special for both of you. Whether you chose to immortalise the date, celebrate with family or jet off on a second honeymoon, you really are spoiled for choices. Like with all things though, make sure you plan well in advance to ensure that you get the best experience for you, your other half and if they are invited, your friends and your family.

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