JSL offers cool sweets and cool music at Ice Cream Social – Illinoisnewstoday.com

Lenny and Esther Kaufman (left). Ileene Zate enjoys socializing (right). (Danny Schwartz)

Ice Cream Social was a kick-off event for the Ella Baker Lecture and Music Series Fund. This is a special fund for JSL residents in West Bloomfield to entertain and enhance with a range of music and speaker engagements.

NSn Ice Cream Social Event Held at West Bloomfield’s Jewish Senior Life Campus with Residents of Marvin & Betty Dant Healthcare Center, Freishman Residence, Hectman and Meer Apartments Supporting Ella Baker Lecture and Music Series Fund I received and participated.

Ella Baker was a resident of Hectmann, Freishmann, and finally Dant for many years. In her memory, Ella’s daughter Esther Salamon set up a special fund for JSL residents in West Bloomfield, entertaining and strengthening with a series of music and speaker involvement. This was a fund kick-off event and many more were expected.

The singing father and daughter duo Lenny and Esther Kaufman performed a variety of songs at an event featuring an ice cream truck.

Sarah Rowe, a resident of Danto, was one of many who enjoyed ice cream, music, and the friendly scene.

“We are very pleased that they are expressing concern to the elderly, because we enjoy being able to think and are very grateful for it,” says Rowe. I did.

“That means a lot, which takes us out, enjoys the air, and allows us to see everyone,” said Irene Zate, a resident of Freishman. Said. “We’ve been stuck because of COVID, and we’re now out and having fun.”

Tracey Proghovnick, director of JSL’s Home Marketing and Community Relations, recognizes the importance of this event after how hard it has been in the past year and a half.

“It’s great to see people enjoying ice cream and seeing them together again on a beautiful summer day and seeing a smile,” Progobnick said. “Before the pandemic, you might have taken it for granted, but now you’re more than grateful.

“Ella loves walking, she loves flowers, she loves music, and everyone knew her,” Progoffnick recalled. “I hope she looks down on this beautiful event and smiles today.”

Music brings joy

Brachadrisman, director of Life Enrichment at Freishman Residence and JSL’s Brown Memory Care Pavilion, says music brings a lot of joy to the inhabitants, but simply being together makes it even better.

“For the past year and a half, there have been concerts isolated in the room with musicians walking by the residents, but if you can’t enjoy it with your neighbors, you won’t get the same joy. “Drisman said.

Drissman had a similar idea about Ella Baker in the light of the event.

“Ella wanted community and social justice to be everything and everyone had the same opportunity, so no matter if she lived in Dant, Hectman or Freishman. Wanted to benefit equally. Invite this kind of event and others. “