June 12: Life Love and Legacy With Dione Traci Duckett Talks Retirement Priorities – WCLK

By Rob Maynard 27 minutes ago

  Join us Saturday at 8:30am for Life Love and Legacy with Dione Traci Duckett on WCLK.  Atlanta Attorney Dione Traci Duckett focuses her practice in the areas of Estate Planning and Elder Law. She works through important things we need to attend to as we move through life.

On Saturday’s program she’s talking with Financial Advisor Patrick Carter, who has spent a career helping clients save for retirement, long term care, and family financial legacies. Listen in and you may learn some retirement strategies you can use to make your golden years more golden.

You can reach Dione Traci Duckett at ducketlawllc.com or call 404-349-2220