Juvenile on scooter attempting to frighten assisted-living residents, according to report – Main Street Newspapers

A woman recently reported that a juvenile riding a motorized scooter is attempting to frighten residents at an assisted living facility.

According to a report filed with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO), the woman said the juvenile enters the facility’s property, located on Manor Lake Circle, and nearly runs over residents. She added that the juvenile rides behind residents and yells at them in an attempt to scare them. When confronted about it, the juvenile “acts like he’s deaf and rides away,” according to the woman.

The responding deputy requested an extra patrol of the area, according to the incident report.


Other recent incidents reported to the JCSO include:

•dispute on Meadow Vista Lane where a man and woman reportedly got into a verbal altercation. Both were drinking and the woman wanted the man to leave the location, according to the incident report.

•information on Emerald Allie where a man said his neighbor drove a truck through his backyard.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 124 where a man reportedly exited his vehicle and began walking around a business.

•agency assist on New Cut Rd. at Hwy. 53 to an automobile accident where a driver reportedly drove out of a ditch and fled the scene. A deputy and Georgia State Trooper pursued the driver, according to the incident report. The state trooper reportedly executed a PIT maneuver to end the chase, and the driver was then handcuffed.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 124 where a woman said she saw a juvenile get out of a vehicle and run to the road, only to be intercepted by the driver of the vehicle. The woman said she drove up to ask the juvenile if he was OK, but the juvenile got back into the vehicle.

•theft on Moons Bridge Rd. where a woman said 10 firearms belonging to her deceased father were stolen. The woman specifically mentioned a female and her boyfriend as possible suspects.

•agency assist on I-85 where a deputy responded to a three-vehicle accident with injuries.

•suspicious activity on Ward Rd. where a woman said she received a notice from the post office that her mail was being forwarded to another address. The woman said she has had recent problems with her boyfriend, whom she said possibly hacked her email address. She said she has a temporary protective order in place against him in Hall County.

•noise complaint on Legendary Dr. where a man said he heard shooting followed by an explosion, which reportedly shook his windows. A deputy told the man his neighbor was likely shooting Tannerite. The deputy added that doing so was permissible as long as the shooting “was in a safe direction and not at night.”

•damage to property on Hwy. 53 where an Amazon truck reportedly caught low-hanging power lines and pulled a power pole down while the truck was being pulled out of a ditch. The power lines were reportedly “hot,” requiring Jackson EMC to pull the lines off the truck.

•suspicious activity on Summer Hill Dr. where a man was reported asleep at the wheel while parked in a cul-de-sac. The complainant said she attempted to wake the male to tell him to leave. The man was woken by a deputy but was reportedly unable to explain why he was parked at the location. The man denied having used drugs and a search of him and his vehicle revealed no contraband, according to the incident report.

•dispute on New Cut Rd. where a woman and her ex-husband reportedly had a verbal disagreement.

•information on Curk Roberts Rd. where a woman reported a man on her property who was previously told not to return.