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Grant Lannin refers to himself as a “safe money” advisor & retirement planner.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, Feb. 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lannin Financial is now one of the few financial firms in the United States that can consider itself a “full-integrated professional network”.

Grant Lannin, owner of Lannin Financial, said this was an extremely important announcement and one that he thinks is taking his company in the right direction.

“We are still, at our core, a safe money firm”. Said Grant. “But due to the needs of our clients, we’ve decided to bring professionals in from all different fields – giving our clients a level of expertise, service, and value that they’ve quite literally never seen before”.

Grant continued to mention that when it comes to retirement, people usually only have 1 or 2 professionals helping them out that don’t talk to each other. And this can cause major problems.

“Retirement is a broad concept that includes things like pre & post-retirement planning,” Grant said. “This means that the professionals that get you up to retirement (aka your broker) aren’t the same professionals you need to make sure you have a safe and secure retirement. Does your broker know about the best time to collect social security? The best trusts to use to protect your assets from the government & the nursing home spend down? The best way to leave assets to children in the most tax-efficient way possible? No, he doesn’t. That’s where we come in”.

The average person will “do the best they can” up until retirement. They’ve saved, put money away, prioritized, and ended up working with the professionals they’ve run into along the way. Grant says that although this is the normal path that everyone goes down – the average retiree will need a much “higher touch” service to give them the safety and security that can truly put all of their retirement fears to rest.

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“The biggest problems we see people go through in retirement are the ones that result in their professionals not talking to each other” Grant said. “Your broker doesn’t know taxes or trusts, your attorney doesn’t know the financial side of things, and your CPA only knows taxes. And that’s all they should know – because each one is a professional in their own respective field. The problem is, a solution suggested by one professional can severely hinder you in another area – unless these guys work together. Once you get these guys actually talking to each other and on the same page, magic truly takes place”.

Lannin Financial stresses that when all of your professionals are on the same page & working together, they can accomplish tasks that no single professional could ever do alone. Some advanced techniques such as converting a taxable estate to a non-taxable estate may even include a minimum of 4 professionals – all the way up to 5.

“Some techniques we use for our higher net worth clients require an absolute minimum of 4 professionals,” Grant said. “You need a financial guy, a CPA, a tax attorney, an estate attorney, a broker or two, and more”.

Grant continued:

“Just the process alone of locating all of these professionals (because you want the good ones, right?) is a monstrous headache. And getting these guys to work together? With egos the size of Kansas? Good luck with that. Just come work with us & we’ll take care of you”.

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