Legislature pushes back deadline for nursing home employee booster shots – WFSB

SOUTH WINDSOR, CT (WFSB) – One of the series of executive order extensions the Connecticut House of Representatives approved Thursday night included moving a deadline for nursing home employee booster shots.

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Late Thursday night, the House voted to extend the COVID-19 vaccine booster deadline until March 7.

Some long term care facilities said the decision was important because they were worried they would have major staffing issues if the original date was not pushed back.

Republican leaders supported the extension, although some said nursing homes may need even more time. The new date at least is a delay that gives lawmakers a few weeks to monitor the COVID-19 landscape before enforcing the booster mandate.

Back in 2020, the coronavirus devastated many long term care facilities across Connecticut; but, health experts said the situation has significantly improved. They said they hope it will continue to improve going forward.

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