Licensing is now required for all Minnesota Assisted Living and Memory Care Facilities – KTTC

MINNESOTA (KTTC) — This licensing law actually passed the legislature in 2019, but quite a bit of paperwork had to be gathered between then and now. The law was officially put in place on August 1st.

It is not that assisted living and memory care facilities were not previously required to be licensed, but the old structure was confusing for most residents and their families.

“They had a license for their food, they had a license for their home care, but sometimes with three different licenses and perhaps two different lead organizations, frankly it was difficult to know who was in charge,” said Care Providers of Minnesota President/ CEO Patti Cullen.

According to the Minnesota Department of Health the previous housing with services structure was more of a registration.

“It really was a confusing area that we wanted to collectively work together with many different stake holders and consumer advocates to see how we could improve in Minnesota as we move forward,” stated MDH Regional Operations Executive Manager, RN Lindsey Krueger.

This new licensing law will allow for more transparency between facilities and their residents.

“They will see new contracts, and these contracts like I mentioned will be housing and if applicable services under one contract under one person or entity or provider that is responsible for both of those pieces,” said Krueger.

One major change will include registered nurses having to conduct the initial assessment and reassessment of residents in assisted living settings.

“There is heightened clinical requirements that we didn’t have before,” Cullen said.

“So, this is something that is a change from home care, but really get the registered nurse in doing the assessment and the reassessment of the resident to see if there was any changes in their physical health etc. as we move forward for the providers to make sure they are providing services to the level of care that their residents need,” stated Krueger.

For those interested in reviewing providers now licensed as an Assisted Living facility, you can do so here.

For more information on the licensing law, MDH has more information on their website as well.