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Lockport Presbyterian Home, the stately assisted living facility on High Street, is closing. The residents and their families were informed on Wednesday that they need to find new accommodations within about a month.

Beechwood Continuing Care acquired the facility in February 2021 and since then has determined that it doesn’t bring in enough revenue to keep it going. The facility will be sold, according to Kristin Scholz, Beechwood’s director of development and marketing.

Currently Lockport Presbyterian Home is only 42% occupied, Scholz said. There are 60 “beds” and only 27 residents.

The trend, over the past five years, has been against assisted living, according to Scholz. People are staying in their homes longer and leaving only to enter a skilled nursing facility.

“It’s not just ours,” Scholz said, noting that all assisted living facilities are experiencing lower occupancy rates and a heavier financial burden.

Beechwood is committed to giving every resident the time and assistance needed to find a new home, Scholz said.

“We’re not pushing anyone out, We’re making sure everybody has facilities to go to, even if that surpasses 30 days,” she said.

Daniel O’Neill, CEO/President of Lockport Presbyterian Home and Beachwood Continuing Care, said in a statement that Beechwood “has made the difficult and judicious operational decision to close and look to repurpose the property for future use other than assisted living.”

O’Neill said the Lockport Presbyterian Home closure plan was approved by the state Department of Health and there will be no mass layoffs of staff.

“Lockport Presbyterian Home staff will be offered continued employment within the Beechwood continuum – there are no plans for layoffs or reductions in staff,” O’Neill said in the statement. “Future use of the building will be decided at a later date.”