Lost Ark – How to get 500k Bonus Silver Quickly – AltChar

As players are progressing through the tiers and their gear scores are skyrocketing, so too is their spending, with silver always running out. Here is a quick way you may have missed, to top yourselves off.

Silver is the most common currency players will encounter in the game and the one that is used the most often, for things such as buying common items, repairing your gear, moving between continents, and activating Triports. Silver is earned through most game progression activities such as quests, combat, and environment chests.

What most players may have missed, though, is that just after finishing Punika, there is a hidden quest, one which awards a large amount of Silver. This quest requires you to finish the Star Horsetail quest, which you’ve likely already finished during your initial Punika run. If you haven’t done it though, you can see it in Starsand beach.

All you have to do, to get the bonus Silver, is:

  • Go to Starsand beach,
  • Interact with the tombstone,
  • Visit the woman found at the hot springs.

Smilegate Lost ark characters fishing on a pier in water made of clouds Lost Ark

This hidden quest is a roster one, meaning that you cannot farm it with your alternate accounts, as it doesn’t only award Silver but skill points as well. Still, even the one-time infusion of this much Silver should give you a bit of a boost, if you know where and how to spend it, correctly. If not, well, Chaos Dungeons are always there for the grind!