Making the right retirement decision – The West Australian

Many Australians reaching retirement age are electing for a new lifestyle where they can downsize their living arrangements and hand over some of the day-to-day responsibilities, freeing up more time to do what they love.

Arcadia Group Sales Manager Brett Hancock said one of the joys of this was being able to rediscover yourself.

“You get to know yourself again, what excites you and what brings you joy,” he said.

Common options for retirees seeking alternative living arrangements include retirement villages, smaller houses, villas, units or apartments, each with their own advantages, according to Mr Hancock, who said when first considering your options, it was important to list down your priorities.

“If you prefer a strong support network and value a likeminded community, a retirement village would be a great fit for this lifestyle,” he said.

Mr Hancock said in addition to considering personal priorities, including family members in the decision-making process was important.

For people wanting to remain at the same address for as long as possible, there are a range of programs available to help people achieve this.

“There are many care providers who provide home support packages to you in your own home when the time comes,” Mr Hancock said.

These services can ultimately provide healthcare and home care options for residents, such as community transport, nursing services, home and garden maintenance and personal care, ensuring individuals continue to enjoy the familiarity of home.

Mr Hancock noted, however, the appeal of community-orientated villages was growing among retirees.

“Residents know the advantages of living in a likeminded community offering a support network they can trust,” he said.

Mr Hancock said face-to-face support and personalised assistance were just some of the services on offer in most retirement villages and, coupled with extensive support networks, Arcadia Group’s retirement villages offered residents on-demand services and care without the stresses of living externally.

“We recognise that everyone wants choice,” he said. “We offer three financial options for funding your retirement lifestyle and have a variety of villages to suit a range of requirements.”

For those seeking village living, Mr Hancock said it was always best to get in touch with the communities to arrange a tour and speak to staff and residents to get a sense of what the community lifestyle was really like.

“It is best to set up a tour with staff who would be happy to listen and learn more about your criteria and your lifestyle requirements to see if they coincide with what’s on offer,” he said.

“Finding the right choice is often the most difficult, so it is important to consider all options when making this decision in life.”