Man steps out to spit, flees with gold chain in New Ranip – Times of India


Ahmedabad: A jeweller on Monday filed a complaint with police stating that a man stole a gold chain worth Rs 71,500 after saying he was going outside the jewellery shop to spit out paan dregs, in the New Ranip area of Sabarmati.

Suresh Patel, 54, a resident of New Ranip, in his FIR said that the accused, accompanied by another person, came into his shop on Monday morning and said he wanted to buy a gold chain and a pendant.

Patel showed him a gold chain and a pendant, worth Rs 71,000, the accused put it on to see if it suited him.

The accused told Patel that he wanted to spit out paan-masala and went out while wearing the gold chain and pendant. When Patel tried to stop him, he said that his friend would stay there while he went out to spit.

After about 15 minutes, the accused person returned to the shop and resumed negotiating the price of the gold chain and pendant. After a couple of minutes, he told Patel he wanted to spit again.

This time, Patel did not stop him as the accused’s friend was sitting in the shop only.

But after this, the accused did not return even after an hour.

When Patel began asking the other man about the accused person, he expressed ignorance as to where he had gone. Patel locked the man inside his shop and called the police.

A Sabarmati police team reached the shop and nabbed the nother man, later identified as Mahaveer Prajapati, a resident of Odhav. Prajapati said he was tricked into accompanying Thakkar to the shop.

Prajapati told the cops that the accused stayed at the hotel in Odhav where he works as a cook for around a month.

The accused had identified himself as Radhe Thakkar at that hotel and his bill of Rs 90,000 was unpaid.

Sabarmati police inspector R S Thakar said the accused was charged with theft and is yet to be nabbed.