Mark Mobius: These emerging markets sectors are set for explosive growth (Pt. 2/2)

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There are a myriad of investment opportunities outside of domestic U.S. markets, and one legendary investor has proven that the emerging markets (EM) are ripe with such opportunities.

The Mobius Emerging Markets fund of Mobius Capital Partners has returned 70% this year, according to its co-founder Mark Mobius.

Speaking to Michelle Makori, editor-in-chief of Kitco News, Mobius said that his top EM jurisdictions are India, Taiwan, Korea, and China.

0:00 – Mobius’ Top Emerging Markets
2:34 – India’s Top Sectors
4:50 – Taiwan’s Semiconductor Sector
6:46 – Economic Growth in India
7:45 – Mobius on Chinese Government Intervention
9:20 – U.S. Tech Giants
12:00 – China-Taiwan Tensions
13:15 – China’s Digital Economy
14:53 – DeFi and Emerging Markets
17:44 – South Africa Has “Hidden Gems”
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