Mick Jagger, Financial Planner Extraordinaire – The Wall Street Journal

When a friend pointed out that the current Rolling Stones tour was being sponsored by the Alliance for Lifetime Income, he could not conceal his contempt. Surely, this was the final nail in the countercultural coffin, when the band that personified rebellion and insolence was reduced to having their tour sponsored by a retirement-planning trade group. Surely, this exposed the Stones as frauds, phonies, hypocrites.

Such an interpretation of the facts is misguided and jejune. For more than half a century, as anyone even vaguely familiar with the history of rock ’n’ roll knows, the Stones have written and performed songs that provide sage investment advice for their fans. Bear in mind that Mick Jagger briefly attended the London School of Economics and was an early proponent of moving the Stones’ income to localities where they could escape the tax man.