Nacogdoches City Council refrains from voting on subsidized senior housing – KTRE

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) – Nacogdoches City Council met Tuesday night with two builders who are hoping to win the bid from the state to build low-income senior housing in the city.

They also heard from several concerned citizens who were not sure it was a good idea to give approval to any projects until after the city’s comprehensive plan is finished, as well as some who don’t want to see any business go in the proposed space, as they live nearby and don’t want to see an increase in traffic, an alleged decrease in property values, and so forth.

Tonight the council decided not to express an opinion toward the future of the two proposed low-income housing apartment complexes in the northeast ward. That does not mean the housing plan cannot go forward, but it did not give any points needed to either of the builders who were in attendance to present to the state.

The considered resolutions could have been in support, no objections, or in opposition of each of the projects.

City Manager Mario Canizares said following the meeting two weeks ago how much weight the decisions carry varies.

“If the city approves it, it doesn’t necessarily mean the project happens because it is still reviewed thru the state,” explained Canizares. “But it’s very possible if the city council moves to deny its letter of support it could theoretically still happen depending on the point score that it gets through its review.”

The city council’s decision is not the determining factor. Developers are rated on a point system as they seek tax credits. City support is just one on the list, explained Larissa Philpot-Brown, CEO of Nacogdoches Economic Development Corporation.

“So there is a chance if city council didn’t approve and they picked up a bunch of unexpected points in other areas, the application could still go forward. That’s pretty rare.”

“We are responding to these requests for resolutions. This is not something the city seeks out,” said Philpot-Brown.

Council opinions may carry more weight among constituents than application reviewers.

The state deadline for the builder/developers is March 1.

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