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Although most experts from Wall Street do not often join the crypto world, NASDAQ just released an article saying “a crypto market crash is coming” along with tips on how everyone can prepare for it.  

NASDAQ Said Prices Have Been Bearish Since November 2021

According to the article by NASDAQ, the crypto market was referred to as “notoriously volatile.” The article notes that at any time, it could drop to over 50% in just a matter of months. The same was also said when it came to rapid price gains.

NASDAQ noted that ever since the November 2021 price spike, prices have been trending bearish over the recent months. It has also been noted that it remains unclear as to whether it is part of a larger crypto market crash. 

NASDAQ Says to Invest in Promising Projects

Per the writer of the article on NASDAQ, they referred to themselves “as a crypto investor” giving tips on how to “prepare for a market crash.”

In addition, the article noted that a lot of projects were not able to survive the 2018 crypto crash with some experts noting that 90% of cryptos will not be able to survive a longer crash.

The NASDAQ article stated that better-known cryptos just like Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin that have much higher trading volumes actually have a better chance of surviving a potentially serious crash should it happen.

NASDAQ Recommends Cash Holdings, Real Estate, Stocks, and Other Investments

The article by NASDAQ notes that they do not know if the market will be picking up again over the course of the coming months. It also says that it does not whether or not it will be the start of a downturn.

The article states that a number of people are already declaring a “crypto winter,” but it has been pointed out that it is too early to confirm if such is the case.

A large factor for this is increased regulation, which has impacted the short term crypto prices.

NASDAQ noted that the best way to prepare is to think long term, diversify, and have other assets. These other assets may include cash holdings and stocks as well as real estate and other investments. 

NASDAQ has pointed out that saying although crypto is exciting, it is not recommended for it to be the only asset a person owns. 

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NASDAQ’s Credibility Questioned?

An aggregator account of crypto news on Twitter, Watcher.Guru, tweeted out that NASDAQ is saying that an upcoming crypto market crash will happen. The tweet itself highlighted the world experts with quotation marks as seen in the tweet below: 

JUST IN: Nasdaq “experts” say a crypto market crash is coming.

— Watcher.Guru (@WatcherGuru) March 6, 2022

In reply to this tweet, a lot of accounts in the thread stated that NASDAQ experts are only experts in the stock market and not in the crypto market. In addition, an account by @rauheat stated that they do not know what basis has NASDAQ used for what they have said. 

Below is the tweet: 

Nasdaq experts are expert in stock market, not in crypto. So I don’t know on what basis they have said this. Please provide the source. Thanks

— 💵🧲 (@rauheat) March 6, 2022

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