New ‘communal living’ facility causes concern for neighbors in McCalla’s High Forest Lake Community – WBRC

MCALLA, Ala. (WBRC) – We’ve received several calls and emails about a new facility coming to McCalla.

Neighbors in the High Forest Lake Community are concerned about who will be moving into their neighborhood.

The facility will be housed in the Old Tannehill Haven Assisted Living building, which has sat vacant for about a decade.

Four different neighbors we spoke to said they’re confused about what’s coming.

The Broken Vessel Baptist Church recently purchased the building and has already started working to fix it up.

The property sits right at the front of the High Forest Lake Community, and of course, the construction has brought a lot of curiosity from people wondering what’s going there.

Neighbors tell us they’re concerned it will be a homeless shelter or a halfway house.

The pastor of Broken Vessel Baptist Church, Don Moulton, declined an interview with Fox 6, but on the phone, he said the building would house a communal living facility for people 19 years of age and older.

Another member of the church who was at the property said the facility will help individuals who are just getting out of the hospital, who can’t necessarily take care of themselves full-time.

Pastor Moulton held a meeting this past Saturday to talk about the new facility and said he was met with death threats and scrutiny.

Members of the community said they are all for helping people, but they’re concerned about who will be living in this communal living facility and they want more information.

“I’m not here to put anyone down. I’m not saying that’s a bad church or a good church, or that it’s a bad pastor or a good pastor. That’s not…my concern is my community. Where I’m living. Who are these people that’s going to stay here? This is my concern. I’m not against anything. I’m against to have some people that’s not going to be a good people to live around my community. That’s my main concern,” said Ana Nunn.

Moulton said despite the rumors, there will be no drug addicts, convicted criminals, or sex offenders living in the facility.

Jefferson County leaders said Broken Vessel has received proper permitting, completed all necessary paperwork, and has passed inspections to operate as a communal living facility.

They said everything is in legal order.


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