New Senior and Graduate Housing Community – Ithaca College

As a result of lower enrollment numbers, the college has a surplus of residence hall spaces. Creating a residential community as an option for seniors, who are otherwise not required to live on campus, and for grad students, who have not previously been offered on-campus housing, will help fill those spaces. This strategy supports seniors and graduate students, addresses the vacancies the college has in residence halls and aims to improve retention by offering a more convenient and affordable option than they might otherwise find in the local rental housing market.

“At Ithaca College we remain committed to providing our students with the benefits of a residentially based education,” said Bonnie Prunty, dean of students. “I am excited that this new initiative will help us better meet some of the unique needs of our senior and graduate population, and I hope more of these students will elect to live on campus to take advantage of this option.”

The reduced rate of $9,900 for the 2022-23 academic year includes room and board, which comes with 21 meals per week and $210 Bomber Bucks a semester. The first 62 students who fill out the intent form will be guaranteed a space in this community. Seniors are still welcome to apply for apartments and other on-campus housing of their choice at the standard rates.

For seniors and graduates this option will offer some benefits to the alternative of living off campus, including:

  • paying only for the academic year rather than making a 12-month financial commitment
  • electric, water and internet included
  • easy access to campus resources
  • security provided
  • 24-hour maintenance
  • free laundry

“For many graduate students who are not from the area and need to find housing, it can be difficult,” said Ani Nozadze, M.S. ’23. “Pricing is expensive no matter where you live, and even if living off campus is cheaper, you still have to pay the total price and other amenities, and it adds up.”

As part of the pilot program, the college is also forming a Senior and Graduate Council. Council members, who will be residents in Eastman Hall, will provide critical advice and input on ways to enhance the senior and graduate housing experience through programming, housing amenities and other recommendations. A stipend of $500, or $250 a semester, will be provided to those selected to participate next year.

Seniors and graduate students will receive detailed information in the coming month and an information session will be hosted for those looking to learn more. For more information visit the Senior and Graduate Housing Community website.