North Texas business owners hope residents shop local this holiday season, as they bounce back from pandemic and supply chain issues –

Some retailers and financial experts are urging consumers to start shopping early, have a plan this holiday season.

DALLAS — The holiday shopping season is here. Some businesses are scrambling to make sure stores have enough supply and options for customers.

Many retailers, large and small are trying to bounce back during a pandemic. At the same time, they are dealing with national supply chain issues.

“We’re taking the good with the bad,” said Jerrod Pettigrew, owner of Ase’ Ronny J Fashions.

His fashion boutique is in Grow DeSoto Market Place at 324 E. Beltline in DeSoto, Texas. Pettigrew, like other retailers, is calling the supply backlogs a big inconvenience during a critical time.

“You don’t know what you’re going to get. Trying to plan ahead of time, it’s been a challenge. When I do get it, I’m getting half quantities. So, it’s been hard to fill inventory these days, so it’s been a challenge,” said Pettigrew.

The uncertainty over supply and demand has local store owners and finance experts urging consumers to start shopping early. 

“It’s really no surprise that people are trying to get on the ball early,” said Chris Massenburg, a partner and chartered retirement planning counselor with OpenAir Advisers in Dallas, Texas.

Massenburg suggests consumers consider shopping early. It could help eliminate street and a lot of added expenses, like on shipping, for example.

Have a plan. Put together a budget, lists, and how much you intend to spend is a great start, suggests Massenburg.

He also suggests considering gifts that last. 

“I see folks who want to give money to, let’s say, grandkids or children. You can do that in the form of a ‘529 Plan.’ This will help pay for future college or education expenses,” said Massenburg.

And don’t forget about treating yourself to something. Paying off debt, or replenishing emergency savings after holiday purchases is a positive way to ease worries as you enter a new year or prepare for retirement.

Back in the shops, Pettigrew is encouraging consumers to consider shopping small and local this holiday season. He said there are benefits to supporting small businesses.

“Unique stuff. You’re going to find stuff that you just can’t find online. Stuff that you can’t find anywhere else. And you’re going to be able to put your hands on it and see the quality that you’re getting,” said Pettigrew. 

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