Palo Verde Artists, Art Share Program donate paintings to assisted living facilities – Daily Independent

By Mary Stewart

The Palo Verde Artists received a request from the Art Share Program asking members if they would be interested in donating paintings to local assisted living facilities. They stated residents are excited to receive the paintings, as they bring great enjoyment. Some facilities hang them in the hallways, others in residents’ rooms, and some have a small art show and then distribute them to the residents.

These donations are 100 percent freely given and are not returned to the artists but stay in the facilities.

Members of the Palo Verde Artists generously stepped up to the request, donating a total of 71 paintings.

Assisted living facilities receiving these paintings are the Montecito, in Peoria, Desert Winds, Peoria, Hacienda Del Rey, Litchfield Park, Mountain View Hospice, Peoria, and the Gardens, Sun City.

Palo Verde Artists is located in the Sundial Recreation Center, 14801 N. 103rd Ave., and membership is $10 per year, open to RCSC cardholders only.


Editor’s note: Mary Stewart is President of the Palo Verde Artists.