People from around the world come to Greenbrier to learn from silver-medalist Kayle Browning – KARK

GREENBRIER, Ark. – You’ve probably heard the name by now: Kayle Browning.

The 27-year-old put central Arkansas on the map at the 2020 Summer Olympics after winning a Silver Medal in Women’s International Trap Shooting.

As a new set of athletes take center stage for the Winter Games, KARK sat back down with Browning to discuss life after the medal.

kayle browning
ASAKA, JAPAN – JULY 29: Silver Medalist Kayle Browning of Team United States poses following the Trap Women’s Finals on day six of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games at Asaka Shooting Range on July 29, 2021 in Asaka, Saitama, Japan. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

“Just cannot believe that it actually happened,” laughed Browning. “I think if I keep re-watching it… maybe I’ll get gold next time.”

Browning struggled at the beginning of the finals but was eventually able to pull through and land a spot on the podium.

“I got up there and I hit the first one and then missed 3 or 4 and then I was like you did not come this far to ruin this over nerves,” Browning said. “I said a quick prayer and I just let it all go, it was like the nerves just went away.”

Life since the silver has been everything but slow, She’s appeared at city-wide celebrations, podcasts, and was honored at the Capitol.

“I don’t think that that has sunk in like still to this day.  My dad will be like do you know you’re an Olympic medalist and I’m like no that’s crazy to say,” Browning said.

The Wooster native now spends much of her time operating Cypress Creek Shooting lodge; a world-class training facility that just so happens to be in her backyard.

People from across the globe have come to learn from Browning following the Summer Games.

“We do a lot of coaching–lessons– to say that sales have gone up has been an understatement,” said Browning.

The facility provides overnight lodging and gives people the chance to receive one-on-one instruction from expert shooters.

“We have people from all over the world who come here– stay here– food is included– we shoot, eat, and have a good time,” Browning said.

Although she now spends much of her time training others—she is zeroing in on competing in Paris 2024.

“The fire is more lit now to do it again than it was before,” Browning said.

If you’re interested in taking lessons from Browning, visit the Cypress Creek Shooting website