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BRYAN, Texas — Since the start of the pandemic, the health care industry has become a revolving door of changes, now one local business is thriving because of it.

Heather Johnson lives a fast-paced life, so when she stumbled upon “DOC is Here”, she was ready to use all his services.

“Checkups for myself for my family, virtual, in person, we’ve done labs, they’ve come and done ultrasounds at the house, and we’ve of course done IV fluids with DOC hydro,” Heather Johnson, DOC Hydro patient.

She shared it’s not only about the convenience of receiving care in the comfort of her home, but the satisfaction of knowing her family is staying safe during a pandemic.

“Not having to take three kids to the doctors sit in a waiting room with other sick people like without a doubt it’s something we use all the time,” added Johnson.

Dr. Richards says the business really picked up just in time as the pandemic hit.

”DOC healthcare is set up beautifully to help with that because you couldn’t go anywhere, you had to stay at your house and we could still come to see you, so really it worked perfectly for us,” said Joel Richards, Physician, and owner of DOC healthcare.

“DOC is Here” and “DOC Hydro” caters to patients’ needs with preventative measures like IV infusions that help patients recover from illness, COVID-19, and dehydration.

”Each blend for each patient is something that we custom make based on what that patient is looking for,” said David Thomas, DOC Hydro.

“Not only take care of us when we’re sick but help us kind of prevent ourselves from getting sick, like the preventative healthcare.” shared Johnson. “I think that’s changed everything,”

“Doc is here” and “doc hydro” have primary care physicians and licensed professionals across the Brazos Valley, Waco, and The Woodlands.

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