People Shocked By Dad’s Brutal Response To Son Winning Silver Medal At Winter Olympics – SPORTbible

Team GB have at last picked up a medal at the Winter Olympics in Beijing, with the men’s curling team falling one step short of gold thanks to a ‘perfect display’ from Sweden in the final.

The efforts of Skipper Bruce Mouat, Hammy McMillan, Bobby Lammie, Grant Hardie and alternate Ross Whyte were even recognised by the Queen, who said in a tweet that they should be ‘incredibly proud’ of their achievement.

However, one man who seemed less than impressed by the silver medal was none other than Hardie’s dad.

Following his son’s fantastic achievement, a BBC reporter asked him: “Talk to me about what you’re going to say then to Grant when you speak to him.”

To which he bluntly replied, arms folded: “Probably nothing.”

The reporter then inferred that Grant would know how he feels, and he added: “Well he does, yeah.”

Seemingly then, Hardie senior considers silver medallists to be the first losers. You can watch the clip below:

Naturally, people couldn’t help but feel sorry for Grant.

One person tweeted: “What will you say to Grant when you see him? Grant Hardie’s dad: probably nothing. Wtf? Your son just won a silver medal after a great match. Tell him you’re proud and you love him, maybe?”

Another said: “Reporter to Hardie’s dad ‘what will you say to Grant when you speak to him?’, ‘Probably nothing’ ffs mate he has won Britain our only medal!”

A third added: “Wow, Grant Hardie’s dad could not have sounded less happy if he tried – I know they just lost the final but JFC they won *Silver* in their first Olympics against one of the greatest teams in the competition… he could have sounded a little bit happy with that.”

Sweden prevailed with a 5-4 extra-end win courtesy of an immaculate performance from skip Niklas Edin.

British coach David Murdoch said: “You saw there the perfect display of curling, and it’s something we’ve seen from him before.

“He’s just so clinical and when he makes shots like that he’s really tough to beat.

“The guys tried to ask big questions of him. We forced the pressure as much as we could, trying to make mistakes and he didn’t make any of them. He’s won five championships and three Olympic medals and he is the greatest in history for me.”

Watching on back at Edinburgh Curling Club, GB skip Mouat’s partner Craig Kyle was much more forthcoming with his praise.

He said: “I’m obviously disappointed, but that was still amazing. It’s still a silver so I’m thrilled.

“Bruce has been relentless. With training, he’s been so focused the whole time and working so hard.

“We’ll be there in four years, there’s definitely gold in that team but it’s just the small margins.”

Words by Jake Massey.