Phemex Trading Platform Generating Excitement as Crypto Bull Run Resumes – FinSMEs


October 2021 has become the best month for Bitcoin price performance since December 2020, with an unprecedented 40% gain, triggering what may be another crypto bull run as the industry moves toward the final fiscal quarter of 2021.

Based out of Singapore, Phemex is engaging users through a seamless experience. They offer spot and contract trading services, easy and safe withdrawal methods, and advanced functions like API integration, sub-account systems, and L3 quotes.

Phemex Rebrands to Spark Greater Brand Recognition and a Better Customer Experience

The start of a new month means renewed excitement for Phemex. The crypto trading platform has unveiled a new logo and website design, communicating the idea of a more robust user trading experience.

Users can provide feedback about the new logo and might receive a $100 trading bonus in exchange for giving the platform their opinion. The announcement itself is on Twitter.

Additionally, Phemex is offering the chance to win up to $5,000 worth of funds and merchandise for new users who register with the platform and customize the new logo.

The prizes include Bitcoin, Phemex merchandise, and hundreds of dollars in trading bonuses.

Updating Premium Membership to Keep up with Regulators

Government regulators around the world are constantly considering how to create policies that promote greater transparency within the world of cryptocurrency investing.

That’s why Phemex is making changes to its premium membership. Premium members of the platform can still benefit from zero spot trading fees if they trade up to $1 million per day or up to $5 million per month. Now users need to complete Know Your Customer verification before they can purchase and use the premium membership.

As governments continue to crack down on exchanges and stablecoins, it’s clear that Phemex is committed to conducting business in an above-board manner while still giving customers the amazing trading benefits they are used to.

Ethereum Trading Competition Excites Users as the Price Bounces Back

Ethereum is trading at over $4,300 at the time of this writing. While many other smart contract platforms like Cardano are gaining ground, most seasoned crypto enthusiasts know that Ethereum is still home to the overwhelming majority of NFT and DeFi projects.

The fundamental value of any blockchain comes down to not just its ability to remain secure, scale transactions, lower fees, and decentralize payments. Transaction volume and day-to-day utility is also highly important.

That’s one of the reasons Phemex is announcing Ether Fever, an Ethereum trading competition that features a whopping $20,000 prize pool to be shared among participants. 

The competition runs through October 22, 2021, and is based on perpetual contract trading of the ETH/USD trading pair. Participants need to keep in mind that:

  • Mass account registration or market manipulation is a reason for disqualification.
  • Using APIs for the competition is against the rules.
  • Phemex reserves the right to enforce the rules how it sees fit to ensure a fair contest.

For crypto enthusiasts that aren’t really into trading competitions, there’s always the opportunity to participate in Trivia on the Block. This is Phemex’s reoccurring trivia game that provides users with financial rewards and sparks community engagement.