PHOENIX, AZ — A pair of Phoenix-based caregiving industry experts teamed up to put together an event honoring those on the front lines of in-home care earlier this month.

The dynamic duo of Denise Kaye, who founded Phoenix-based Connections in Home Care with her husband, Eric, and Bob Roth, who serves as the managing partner of Cypress HomeCare Solutions put their minds together and came up with an idea that both felt properly honored those in the industry.

Their idea became reality on May 4, when Kaye and Roth, in combination with workforce management technology platform, Honor Care Network, welcomed caregivers for a free family meal at a Phoenix El Pollo Loco location.

It was an idea that, while simple in nature, was meant to recognize the invaluable service that caregivers provide to their communities, Kaye told Patch.

“We just felt that care professionals have been on the front lines during the entire pandemic, keeping people that would like to age in place in their home safe and taking care of them,” Kaye said. “We felt that one of the things that is a gift is time. And they have families and some of them work multiple jobs.

“And so we wanted to provide a meal for them and their family.”

The early May event went from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. to allow caregivers to swing by the location whenever they could, according to Faye.

Honor Care Networks Chief Operating Officer Juliet Nyatta said the May 4 event was one that she won’t soon forget.

Nyatta told Patch that the meetup allowed everyone to see each other, either for the first time ever or the first time since the pandemic began, which added an extra layer to the festivities.

“It was a great event, in part because it enabled our care professionals to bring their family members, and really make it inclusive,” Nyatta said. “Recognizing who they are in the community beyond just their work with us, was also really positively received. And after the event, our team has felt greater connection with these care professionals who we continue to support on a day to day basis.”

Roth touched on a similar topic about having the opportunity to honor caregivers, who he called the “unsung heroes” of health care.

It was that feeling that motivated Roth to work together with Kaye and the Honor Care Network team at large to put together the event.

“One of the things that we were doing with this event is that we wanted to recognize the caregivers in the great work that they do and to appreciate them,” Roth told Patch. “And we also wanted to thank them for making those sacrifices that they make.”

Kaye said she and her husband have hosted events in the past that were similar to the one at El Pollo Loco, though smaller in size.

She’s confident that the collective that put it together will be able to host more activities like it on a more frequent basis in the future.

“We’ve always held some sort of act of appreciation two or three times a year [for caregivers],” Kaye said. “It’s all about time. So anything that we can do that frees up their time, so that they can have a quality time with their family, is important to us.”

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