Police seize over 50 pounds of Marijuana, stolen gold plated gun from Knoxville man – WVLT.TV

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) – On Monday, Dec. 13, the Knoxville Police Department responded to a theft from a building on the 1300 block of Maryland Avenue.

The search warrant was executed after a controlled deliver of Marijuana was made to the resident’s home, according to a police report. An undercover agent delivered the package and it was accepted and taken into the home of 22-year-old Zackariah Julian.

Julian was detained and his home was searched by officials where they found approximately 277 THC vape cartridges and over 50 pounds of Marijuana in plastic small totes in one of the rooms. Officials also located numerous items of drug paraphernalia which included digital scales.

Also in the room was a gun safe which Julian opened for law enforcement. Inside the safe was at least 15 firearms, according to police. Nine of those guns were reported stolen from several UPS shipments. One of the stolen guns included a gold plated desert eagle pistol valued at approximately $2,500. There were also seven silencers inside the room which are presumed stolen from another shipment which was addressed to Tennessee Silencer LLC in Seymour.

Julian was arrested by police.

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